Holonet is the brightest, most transparent hologram gauze available today.

Holonet is the next generation in holographic projection screens.

Holonet contains real silver which reflects high levels of projected light to create bright and stunning 3D visuals and holographic effects. In a controlled light setting Holonet will become completely transparent with your audience unaware of its existence. This gives the impression of solid objects and real people existing in 3D space.


Altered Carbon, Netflix

Design, Installation, Content, Projection

May 2017

London, Canary Wharf

Set Design & Pre-Production Content Creation
Holographic Projection


Holonet is by far the strongest most durable holographic projection screen there is making it perfect for touring shows. We've even wind tested it at 155kph!

Holonet is significantly more reflective than any other hologram guaze.

A good holographic gauze needs to be super bright where an image is displayed, invisible where an image is not displayed, easy to hang and durable. Just as much as poor content or poor staging, using an inferior quality holographic gauze will reduce the impact of the hologram.


League of Legends World Finals

Holographic projection & Visuals

November 2019

Paris, Hotel Accor Arena

Design & Pre-Production Content Creation
Holographic Projection


Holonet is also the most transparent holographic gauze and unlike similar products has no visible criss crossing grain.


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Holonet on stage


Why choose Holonet?

Holonet is the easiest to use and most durable hologram gauze making it perfect for touring shows.

Finally, for any touring show, or for any hologram that is not literally single-use, one should consider durability. Early holographic gauzes on the market, and indeed many now popular, are very fragile and prone to tearing. Holonet is significantly longer-lasting in this respect, and is suitable for touring shows: most of the causes of damage in Holonet are rigging crew or performers forgetting that the Holonet is up (yes, it is that invisible) and either falling through it or putting a piece of truss through it.


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The only holographic gauze suitable for use outdoors


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