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We create holograms of course but so much more besides...



We work with you exploring all the creative possibilities, creating a overall framework, and putting all the pieces together for the subsequent phases of the project.



The production phase is when all the pieces of a project come together designs come to life in the space or site where the experience will live. All the areas of work will converge into one multimedia environment.



Once everything is live we will ensure the installation runs the way it was intended and that everything is operationally perfect. With teams on the ground and offsite we will be there at every moment of your live project.


Agreed concepts are developed visually. Initial concepts are developed, tested, re-tested and built out with the creation of visual renders, mock-ups, equipment configuration, detailed blueprints, prototypes and testing of interactive functionality.



How we work

Imagine More

We work with our clients rather than just for them. We are an ideas lab and no matter what your project we are here to talk.

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Contact Us

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Hologram Demo

​+44 2032 872997


5 Willoughby Street




229 Niagara Street


ON M6J 2L5


Sony Center 

Potsdamer Platz

Kemperplatz 1 Berlin 10785


Europe, MiddleEast & Asia:

+44 2032 872997

US, Canada & South America:

+1 (347) 329-5240


Example Work Areas

We’re experts at every cutting edge visual and interactive experience going. But we’re creatives at heart. This allows us to take your goals and transform into concrete, innovative and memorable ideas.


What we do


Digital Resurrections 

We use a combination of performance, motion tracking, SFX, VFX and Synthetic Reality technologies rose resurrect pop singers, heads of state and historical figures. Our approach is tailored to the particular challenges of each subject.

Our creative team has worked on Hollywood blockbusters and major theatrical shows: whether the content needed is digital, technical or performance based, we have an in-house team that delivers magic.

The initial creative process is perhaps the most important stage of any project. Once the creative decision have been taken we will then look to bring these visually to life for your review using animated storyboards, detailed animatics, visuals renders, mock-ups, interactive simulations, wireframes and more. 

We can manage every aspect of your project or we can plug into an existing operation. We work all over the world and can can assemble teams to work with you no matter where you are located. We have dedicated project managers who you will be able speak with 24/7 any day of the week.

We partner with the leading companies in the world for rigging and installation services. Working with our designers, the teams we assemble will be expertly led and managed. We can also plug and play with your team if required. 

3D projection mapping is at the heart of what we do. we use state of the art digital projection systems to create spectacular three dimensional visuals which turn any surface or building into a mesmerising collage of colour and animation. 

We're experts in all aspects of content creation including all  filming, directing, choreography and vfx post production. We’re a fully integrated production house with serious production values.




Working with

Public Stunts

PR & Social Media Activations

Private Events

Synthetic Media

Live Broadcast Events

Film & Theatre


Interactive Experiences 

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