In 2015, npower promoted their relationship with Macmillan Cancer Support by installing a giant Christmas Tree in Covent Garden with LED screens showing messages from members of the public. In 2017 they wanted something truly innovative, that would get press coverage, generate public awareness of npower’s philanthropic activities and raise money for Macmillan.

We thought we could help, and proposed that npower present the world’s first interactive hologram against the night sky at an iconic London location.

For a donation, members of the public could send “messages of support and love” which would be converted in realtime into 3D holograms. The holograms would appear in a major London location. They would also be filmed, uploaded to Facebook and shared with the people sending the messages, ensuring huge viral engagement.


45,000 video views during the week of the campaign

22,000 post engagements the week of the campaign 

Page 4 of the Evening Standard

BBC News live at 5

This Morning

Guardian online

VFX & Animation


Holographic Technology

Location Sourcing

Event Management


Microsite Build & Design

Campaign Management