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Transforming the world before your eyes

The way we see the world is changing. Thanks to technological advancements, our definition of reality is expanding. In partnership with Realfiction we provide revolutionary mixed-reality display that sets new standards by merging the real and virtual world, to produce visualisations where physical and digital elements blend in real-time. 

Spectators can collectively experience lifelike animations of any size and at any distance without the use of traditional and immersive VR eyewear. Enhancing reality, we bring to life experiences and entertainment beyond the imagination – and for all to see.

A new dimension of interaction & experience 

Imagine bringing history to life: Reconstructing ancient cities or modern architectural achievements or reviving prehistoric reptiles that once roamed the Earth. Imagine discovering the wonder of science: Magnifying the scale of the human body’s cells or the particles that make up the very beginning of time; travelling to faraway galaxies to discover new constellations.

Dreamoc Diamond


Dreamoc XXL3

Dreamoc HD3.2

Dreamoc XL3

Content Creation

We are the leading specialists when it comes to holographic content creation. Whether its VFX or filmed holograms of live people, we produce the highest quality visuals

Set Design & Installation

We can create, fabricate and install a custom set design for your hologram event. Everything we fabricate and produce will been made with an expert level of attention to detail and style

Project Management

Our team carefully considers every detail of your event. We specialize in creating unforgettable and compelling experiences for your attendees on time and on budget

Hardware Supply

We supply hologram display units to suit all needs and budgets. Custom made or off the shelf we provide the perfect hardware to suit your environment


We can train your team on how to install, operate and execute the perfect hologram experience so that you are not reliant on us.


For travelling exhibitions/shows we can manage all of your logistics and shipping needs. 

We Offer a Complete 360 Service


Imagine More

We work with our clients rather than just for them. We are an ideas lab and no matter what your project we are here to talk.

Contact Us

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Hologram Demo

​+44 2032 872997


5 Willoughby Street




229 Niagara Street


ON M6J 2L5


Sony Center 

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Kemperplatz 1 Berlin 10785


Europe, MiddleEast & Asia:

+44 2032 872997

US, Canada & South America:

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