Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

The bare minimum needed is -

- A Holonet

- A projector with appropriate connections for playback (E.g. HDMI or SDi)

- A black floor and background behind the net


How much space to I need?


Width of the space depends on the size of your Holonet however we suggest atleast 3.5 metres depth to your stage area to get the best 3D hologram effect possible. You will also need to think about what projector you are using as every projector has a limited throw distance. We are more than happy to advise on projectors and best use of space.


What sizes do Holonet screens come in?

Holonet screens can come in any size


How do I rig Holonet?

When you order a Holonet  we provide an edging service included in the price which may involve eyelets, these are then use to cable tie or bungee tie the Holonet to truss or scaffolding. The rigging possibilities are almost unlimited however the two biggest things to remember are -

- The Holonet must be tensioned and flat!

- Wherever you rig the net remember the projector needs to be able to reach it without any obstacles.   

Is Holonet flame retardant?

Yes. It has an M3 rating.


Where can the image be viewed from?

The image can be seen technically from two sides, front and back however the best and most vibrant image is always on the front. Viewing angles vary venue to venue so if you need any help finding the optimum position we are happy to help.



How many projectors do I need, and which projectors work?


For a basic Holonet set-up you only need one projector, if you would like an even bigger image or make the image brighter you can blend more than one projector. In terms of which projector to use, the decision is based on your staging environment for example, if there is ambient light around where you want your hologram then you would need a more powerful projector such as a 31k Lumen Panasonic, whereas if you are working on a small holonet in an almost blacked out room you could use a 4k Lumen Optoma 

Once again we are more than happy to advise!

Are Holonet holograms as good as a Peppers Ghost holograms?

It varies project to project as both have their uses. Holonet is much cheaper and easier to use and when used in the correct manner gives an incredible hologram effect. It is true that close up a Peppers Ghost hologram is better quality but from slightly further away e.g. on a stage, Holonet is more than a match.


Do holograms have to be viewed in the dark?

All holograms are best suited to be shown in a blacked out space where you have control of the lighting. However depending on the brightness of projector and how much ambient light you have, it is possible to view holograms in a slightly lighter environment.


Can you rear project onto Holonet?

Yes you can. However the image will be nowhere near as bright as if you are front projecting. We can offer advice on the best set-up for your venue.

Can Holonet be used outside?



What kind of edging is possible?

We can supply various types of edging including eyelets, black fabric, lace, chain weighted most recently velcro! Please give us a call or message to let us know what you need.


How long does a Holonet last?

Holonet is fully reusable and we currently have one that has been in use for almost 2 years. However due to the use of a silver coating on the weave it is expected that if a Holonet is left rigged for a long period of time it may change colour tarnish slightly but this does not damage the hologram effect.


How strong is the Holonet?

Holonet must be handled with care as with any type of projection screen, however compared to other gauze products it is much more robust and long lasting.


Why is Holonet better than projecting on ordinary gauze?

Holonet is coated in silver which reflects 70% more light than regular gauze, this makes the images brighter, more vibrant and seem more realistic.


Where can I see Holonet in action?

Drop us a call or an email and we can set up a demo for you in our testing suite in London!